fall for

fall for someone


  • to be attracted romantically to a person
  • to fall in love with someone
  • be attracted to someone and start to love them
  • feel love for someone

Example Sentences

  1. I think Charlie has fallen for Jenny. He is always trying to find reasons to be with her.
  2. She and her husband had fallen for each other the first time they had met – at a singing competition in their neighbourhood.
  3. I don’t like it that she has fallen for that man. He has a reputation of being a womanizer and would never think twice about cheating on a partner.
  4. I think Sally would only fall for a man who is as passionate about music as she is – anyone less would not do.
  5. They met at a friend’s wedding party and fell for each other almost immediately.
  6. I know he has fallen for that girl, but I don’t think she would be much interested in him – she likes men with intellect and he is not up to the mark.
  7. It all happened in a hurry – they met, fell for each other and got married all in a month’s time.
  8. After coming out of a bad relationship, he’s now fallen for another woman; I hope this one goes better.

The origin of the phrase is not known.

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