lose it

lose it


  • to come to be without something
  • to be deprived of something
  • to fail to keep something
  • to lose control of your emotions
  • to become sick

Example Sentences

  1. I can't imagine that I would lose it. My shoe has to be here somewhere.
  2. Please be careful with my earrings. It was a gift from my mother. If you lose it I will be very upset.
  3. If he doesn't start pulling his weight in this new position at work he is going to lose it.
  4. I have very poor balance. If I stand on one leg I have to concentrate very hard otherwise I will lose it.
  5. If this woman does not figure out how to start her car soon, I am going to lose it.
  6. If he asks me the same question again I might just lose it.
  7. This movie is so sad! If one more person dies I am going to lose it.
  8. When we were out on the boat this weekend I thought that I was going to lose it.


"Lose" is an old Middle English word going back to 900. It means to be without something. It is generally used in an informal way when speaking figuratively. It means that you are losing your ability to keep your emotions in check. It can refer to any kind of emotion, including happiness, anger and sadness.


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