faint of heart

faint of heart

Meaning | Definition

  • to not be strong enough to handle a situation
  • to be weak
  • shortage the bravery to face something complicated or unsafe

Example Sentences

  1. This movie is not for those who are faint of heart. You better go to bed right now.
  2. I am not among the faint of heart, I can bear this news just as much as anyone else.
  3. Nobody knew that such a strong man would be faint of heart. It broke me to see him cry at his wife’s funeral.
  4. Nobody can remain faint of heart throughout their lives. You will have to toughen up too.
  5. Can you believe that he is so faint of heart that he would jump if he saw even a domestic animal at his home?
  6. Are you faint of heart? If not then proceed else I would caution you to not take this ride at the funfair.
  7. You cannot still think that I am faint of heart after I went through the horror maze all by myself!
  8. I saw a horror movie at night last week and fell faint of heart.


The phrase originates from the medical world where someone who is faint of heart is required to not be put through anything stressful. Consequently people who were not able to handle stress were referred to as faint of heart.

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