have the hots for


have the hots for someone


  • be very sexually attracted to someone
  • desire someone sexually
  • be sexually aroused by someone
  • think someone to be sexually attractive

Example Sentences

  1. My friend has the hots for the new girl who has recently joined his team.
  2. She has the hots for her gym instructor – she loves his bulging muscles and finds him very appealing.
  3. The way he is looking at the girl in the little black dress, I think he has the hots for her.
  4. The swimming coach has the hots for one of the girls he coaches. Whenever she’s in the pool, he never looks anywhere else.
  5. He has the hots for the yoga teacher who lives down the neighbourhood. He has signed up for her classes just so that he can look at her doing yoga.
  6. He used to be a footballer in high school and most of the girls had the hots for him; but he was very shy and never gave them any encouragement.
  7. I think that girl has the hots for my friend, she keeps looking for opportunities to be with him.
  8. I know you have the hots for her, but be careful, she has the reputation of dumping guys every few months.

The origin of this phrase is not known.

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