go steady

go steady


  • have a romantic relationship with someone
  • the date someone regularly and exclusively
  • be in a lasting relationship with someone
  • have a single and constant romantic partner

Example Sentences

  1. Kate and Jack have been going steady with each other for the past few years now.
  2. My friend and his fiancee went steady for more than a year before they decided to get engaged.
  3. Bob wants to go steady with Sarah, but I think she is not interested and is dating other guys too.
  4. She has been going steady with one of her team members for the past six months now.
  5. I’ve heard that you have been going steady with George for quite some time; so have you decided anything about the future yet?
  6. Last I heard, Jose had been going steady with this girl he had met at a party.
  7. They had been going steady with each other for a few months, but it didn’t last long after he changed his job and moved to another city.
  8. I think she’s serious about Jim. She has been going steady with him for a year now, though she’s been getting proposals from a lot of other men.

This phrase has been in use since the early 1900s.

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