hissy fit


throw a hissy fit


  • To throw a tantrum.
  • An outburst.
  • A temperamental explosion.
  • To show that one is disturbed and angry.

Example Sentences

  1. A hissy fit is not justified just to get someone to listen to you. You have to be more mature than that.
  2. She needs to discipline her children, they can’t just throw a hissy fit every time they cross the ice cream parlour.
  3. I threw a hissy fit when I learned that he is not going to come for the event even after promising to do so.
  4. No one should be allowed to throw hissy fits for such trivial things.
  5. The reason does not matter when you embarrass me in pubic by throwing hissy fits.
  6. The media these days have no real news to report so paparazzi follow celebrities around until they throw a hissy fit at them.

The origination of the phrase is speculated to be either from the term hysterical or the spluttering and hissing sound that an outburst causes. The literary origin comes from the 1934 US based publication titled ‘American Speech’ which explained the concept. The best and most popular usage is to describe the tantrums that celebrities throw which is speculated to have been first used by the Daily Mirror in 2004 towards the celebrity Sir Elton John.

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