cut the crap

cut the crap


  • a very crude way of telling someone to stop doing something that you do not like
  • rude slang telling someone to stop fooling around
  • get to the point
  • to stop lying

Example Sentences

  1. Please cut the crap and tell us what really happened at his birthday party.
  2. I wish my boss would cut the crap and tell us what was really going on in the company.
  3. Unless you cut the crap, we will never get this project completed in time.
  4. Just cut the crap and tell me what you need from me.
  5. You can cut the crap. We know that you were the one who crashed the car.


To cut means to discard. Crap means something that is obsolete, applied to things cast off or discarded. Probably derived from Middle English crappe "grain that was trodden underfoot in a barn, chaff" (mid-15c.).

Thus, to cut the crap would mean discarding the unnecessary. There is no definite origin for the idiom, but it is easy to assume that this is where it originated from. It is not a phrase used in polite society and is considered very crude.

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