at odds

at odds

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to disagree about something
  • to argue about a matter
  • two things that seem to be opposites
  • in conflict
  • at variance
  • in disagreement or dispute
  • arguing

Example Sentences

  1. They are at odds about the fundraiser that I being held on Saturday.
  2. We are at odds about how to punish our son for skipping school. I take the matter much more seriously than my husband does.
  3. They are definitely at odds about how to run the company. This is causing the stakeholders to lose faith in them.
  4. Her beaming smile was at odds with the rumours that I had heard about her quick temper.
  5. His piercing blue eyes are at odds with the rest of his features.
  6. His speech during the meeting is completely at odds with what we discussed last week.


It is not clear where the phrase originated from. It is believed that it is related to the concept of odd and even. When things are even then they are the same. When they are odd, they differ. In this case, the opinion of the two parties is not the same.

The word “odd” comes from Middle English odde. It has been used since the 1300s.

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