stands to reason


stands to reason

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to reach a logical conclusion
  • to come to a reasonable deduction
  • to work out the reasons to reach an obvious fact

Example Sentences

  1. The company stands to reason that the project will take at least another six months to conclude given that none of the managers have a better grip on the work.
  2. I thought about buying you the groceries for the week because it stood to reason that you will need it while I am away.
  3. It stands to reason that you will reach home in 20 minutes since there is literally no traffic on the roads today.
  4. It stands to reason that the money will be used for the purpose stated when the people collecting it have integrity as one of their core values.
  5. When you do not know what is to be done then it stands to reason how far ahead you will be able to go in this field.
  6. It stands to reason that you will not be able to complete the marathon if you are not able to run for more than a mile per day.


The phrase comes from the 16th century where “obeying reason” meant a logical deduction. The phrase has been eroded to its present form over the years.

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