cut some slack

cut some slack


  • give additional freedom to someone
  • not judge someone severely
  • give someone a break
  • make some allowances for someone
  • allow a person to something that is usually not allowed


  1. I know he is not up to the mark right now but let’s cut him some slack. He’s new to this environment and needs time to adjust.
  2. Teenagers have a mind of their own. Its best to cut them some slack and let them do what they are doing instead of enforcing things on them.
  3. Had he explained the situation to me, I would have cut him some slack and not have been so hard on him.
  4. Since it was the last day of school before the vacations, the teachers cut the students some slack and did not have any serious discussions in class.
  5. I was really busy last week and couldn’t finish the report. Cut me some slack and I’ll do it by tomorrow.

The origin of this phrase can be alluded to the docking of ships, where “give me some slack” meant to loosen the rope. A similar phrase, with a similar meaning but slightly different form – “cut slack for” – was used in 1855 by Frederick Douglas in his book My Bondage and My Freedom.

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