across the board


across the board


  • applying to everyone
  • affecting all in an organization, system or society
  • involving everyone or everything
  • pertaining to all parts of something
  • embracing all categories without exception
  • having or occurrence an impact on public in every area and at every level

Example Sentences

  1. The improvement is seen across the board, with all divisions either recording profits or reducing losses.
  2. During the difficult times, the company decided to cut costs and reduce spending across the board.
  3. Much to the delight of the employees, a significant wage hike was announced across the board.
  4. The government decided to raise taxes across the board, drawing the ire of the general public.
  5. As a result of the new policies, improved performances were seen across the board.
  6. The company has vacancies across the board, so if you apply now, you have a good chance of getting in.
  7. The chief said that the new rules would apply across the board, irrespective of rank and position.
  8. The banks decided to slash their interest rates across the board.

The phrase originated in America and referred to a kind of bet placed in horse racing. An “across the board” wager was one in which equal amounts are bet on the same horse to win, place or show. The phrase was first used in print in this sense in the The Atlanta Constitution in November 1901. It was later used in other situations also and became popular around 194-45.

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