flesh and blood

flesh and blood


  • This phrase refers to direct family members, people that share a DNA, that is, flesh and blood.
  • It is also used to referring to all of mankind.
  • Literally, it refers to what human beings are made of. In using flesh and blood is used for humans only and not other beings even though they are made of the same things too.
  • Could be used as a literal meaning too.

Example Sentences

  1. Of course I care about her well-being, my sister is my flesh and blood after all.
  2. They are siblings and have a right to beat each other up silly. What is the point of being each other's flesh and blood otherwise?
  3. The movie is quite gruesome and has a lot of flesh and blood. It is not for my appetite.
  4. Nobody would have the heart to harm their own flesh and blood.
  5. I know people who do not help their own flesh and blood. To expect that we will get help is futile.
  6. In such a terrible tragedy, flesh and blood was all over the streets.

The phrase has been used as a general indication to mankind in an old English translation of the Holy Bible. King James' version then gives the exact quote.

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