in blood

in blood Meaning: part of one’s genetic inheritance. Example: The whole family is good in business; it’s in their blood.

blood on hands

Meaning: be responsible for somebody's death

Example: This politician, who looks so successful and empathetic now has the blood of many people on his hands from the time that riots took place under his orders. Read on

blood, sweat and tears

blood, sweat and tears Meaning: a lot of effort and suffering. Example: Our national freedom is the result of over hundred years’ of blood, sweat and tears.

baying for blood

baying for blood Meaning: want somebody to be hurt or punished. Example: The victims’ families could be seen baying for blood of the assaulter’s during the trial.

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Meaning: to escape from somewhere violently

Example: The breakout was so sudden that the guards did not even have the time to process what happened. Read on


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