in one’s blood


in one’s blood


  • a natural or inherited characteristic.
  • part of one’s essential nature.
  • inborn talent or skill.
  • A trait that is deeply ingrained in one’s blood and is unlikely to change
  • It is natural for you to do something because your family has done it in the past.
  • This phrase is used to denote that one has a skill or ability in their blood. Hence, one tends to do it naturally. Often, because that skill already exists in their lineage.
  • If the quality of talent is in your blood, it is part of your nature, and other members of your family have it too.

Examples in Sentences

  1. Singing is in Nina’s blood.
  2. All her family members love cooking; it is in their blood.
  3. Painting is in his blood. His great grandparents did it too.
  4. Sailing can get into one’s blood.
  5. Racing is in his blood. During his father’s career, he received numerous medals.
  6. That happy-go-lucky trait is in her blood. She can’t lose.
  7. Playing the piano is in her blood.
  8. A natural talent for drawing was in his blood.
  9. Farming is in my blood.


The origin of the idiom is not known, but it appears to have been popular during the European industrialization period in Europe. Initially, it proved an inherent skill or acumen to do business or perform a trade.

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