bits and pieces


bits and pieces


  • miscellaneous small objects
  • mixed tiny pieces
  • small objects of jobs of many different types
  • a variety of tiny articles or piece

Example Sentences

  1. After the accident, there were bits and pieces of the wreckage spread all over the road.
  2. There are lots of bits and pieces; I don’t understand how to select what I need?
  3. I have seen the feed of pigeons there were bits and pieces of seeds.
  4. I have opened my old iPhone to peep into; there were bits and pieces in that.
  5. It looks like bits and pieces drawn on paper when my close friend writes, his handwriting is very poor and letters are hardly visible.

We have tried to find the origin of this idiom but we are not succeeded, if you have any clue about its origin or any other information kindly comment below.

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Perhaps the origin lies far back with Spanish silver dollars. Also termed “pieces of eight”. These dollars were frequently sliced into 8 equal wedges called “bits” to get a smaller denomination “coin”. Spanish silver dollars were the international currency for centuries.

‒ Stuart Curmudgeon February 13, 2021

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