with a bang


with a bang


  • to start or finish with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, or success.
  • very exciting and successful.
  • impressively or successfully.
  • occur with clear success.

Examples in a Sentence

  1. These amazing recipes will set your engagement party off with a bang.
  2. Let’s perform that Rihanna song as the last act so that we finish the show with a bang.
  3. She hosted a big party in Los Angeles to celebrate her 50th birthday. She wanted to usher out her 40s with a bang.
  4. I am so worried about the security teams. If the tension doesn’t end soon, it could end with a bang.
  5. Finally, the series has come to an end. A recording that started with a bang ten years ago will no longer be on our screens.
  6. Emmy started the new year with a bang. She’s already been featured in two magazines, and we’ve not even reached the halfway point of the year.
  7. We take part in the events organized by Jack and Rose Events Company because they go off with a real bang.


With a bang” first appeared in print in the 1500s. Since then, it has been used severally in classic literature. The idiom has various meanings depending on the context. It may mean an exciting, flourishing, energetic, or forceful manner. Or it can also be used to mean in an extremely destructive or violent way.

The word appearing before it dictates its meaning. For instance, if someone says go/finish/quit with a bang, it means in a flamboyant manner. But if the word used before the idiom is end, it means in a violent way.

Related words include thrilling, astounding, breathtaking, fantastic, amazing, and remarkable, among others. The idiom is more common in the UK and Australia.

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