between the devil and the deep blue sea

between the devil and the deep blue sea
Meaning: between two equally difficult or unacceptable choices.
Example: Trying to please both his boss and his wife puts him between the devil and the deep blue sea.


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2 Thoughts

Hey, yeah, your organization by “topics” sucks and you really can’t have the site layout as; when I click on a specific idiom, there could be a list of “similar” idioms, or idioms that basically have the same meaning just worded differently? So I don’t have to scroll through this entire site alphabetically … I mean come on. Year 2020 people

- Sadie Wright December 26, 2019

I have heard of a lot of idioms but I’ve never used them. To whom it does not hurt anybody. But due to idioms weird way to say it but idioms have a easy to define it. But how were idioms made?

- Blaydin Cowder December 20, 2017

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Example: Boss fired me from the job and I lost my wallet too, what a double whammy? Read on


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