a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor
a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor Meaning | Synonyms a proverb that means easy situations can never improve you or make you better the harsh conditions ... Read on
sea change
sea change Meaning to have a big change in perspective to undergo a complete transformation a striking change in appearance Example Sentences There was a sea change in ... Read on
a drop in the ocean
a drop in the ocean Meaning: - insignificant amount - a very small amount compared to the amount needed - unimportant amount - a very small proportion of ... Read on
on the crest of a wave
on the crest of a wave Meaning to reach the highest point of success at the top level of achievements be very successful so that many good things ... Read on

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blind as a bat
as blind as a bat The phrase has multiple meanings used both in context of its literal, as well as idiomatic use. Meaning | Synonyms unconscious to something ... Read on


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