balancing act


balancing act


  • an action that needs a fine balance between different conditions or wishes
  • to appease two or more groups having difference of opinion or action
  • to move ahead while keeping a balance between two situations at loggerheads with each other

Adjust, harmonize, stabilize, make up for, compensate


  1. A working woman in our country has to constantly perform a balancing act between excelling in her career and taking care of the family.
  2. For establishing the new power plant in the state, the government has to make a balancing act between the investors, industrialists and the villagers whose land need to be acquired.
  3. Since test matches were allotted to Maharashtra stadiums, the Cricket Board of India allotted one day matches to Karnataka state as a balancing act.
  4. When I got a computer for my elder son, I had to buy a video game for the younger one as balancing act.
  5. Jack and Jone are both good employees and valuable for the company. If promotion is granted to one, other one should get a salary hike as a balancing act.

It is used in situations where there are warring factions involved against each other, and the negotiator is trying to make everyone agree to the solution

This phrase was first used for circus artists performing jugglery. Then slowly its usage expanded to metaphorical meaning for trying to be politically correct.

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