hang in there

hang in there

Meaning | Synonyms

  • wait, be patient till things work out
  • don't give up
  • be persistent in face of difficulties
  • keep trying

Example Sentences

  1. Our company is going through tough times, but we're hanging in there; things will surely work out.
  2. Though you are not getting the results you expected to, just hang in there, hard work always pays off.
  3. I know you have gone through a lot of difficulties, but hang in there, things can only improve from here.
  4. Despite the difficult conditions, the batsman hung in there and steered his team to victory.
  5. Their marriage was breaking apart, but the decided to hang in there and give it another chance.
  6. The climber was stranded in the high mountains amidst the snow and extreme cold, but he hung in there till help arrived and was saved.
  7. I know you want to quit, but hang in there, things will get better next time.
  8. Starting a new venture is fraught with risks, but if you can hang in there despite the difficulties, you are sure to succeed.


Although there is no definitive information on the origins of this idiom - yet an interesting and most possible story is related to the origin of the phrase can be traced back in 1970's.

It is believed that the origin of the phrase is associated with a motivational poster known as "hang in there, baby!" presenting a kitten hanging on a branch of a tall tree.

The poster may be inspired by some known piece of information that before making the world's first photograph called "Nicéphore Niépce" by a French inventor. He hung his kitten with a string of silk and named it "Croissant". And it took more than eight hours in the exposure process of the photograph at that time.


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May be the military?

- Anonymous May 23, 2018

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