come again

come again


  • to request someone to repeat what has just been told
  • it is a casual version of “beg your pardon”
  • to ask for a repetition of what was said because it was either not heard correctly, not understood right or merely out of disbelief that it was said
  • can be used literally, that is, asking someone to come again

Example Sentences

  1. The waiter could not understand what I was saying and kept repeating “come again” every time I named a dish to be ordered.
  2. I had to ask him to come again because he had started to speak very softly suddenly.
  3. Come again? I can barely believe that you said this to me?”
  4. We love your company. Come again!
  5. Come again? I do not understand you when you start quoting Shakespeare in your conversations. Some of us do not have degrees in his literature.
  6. “Would you like some more pie?” “Come again?” “Do you want to eat more pie?”
  7. I asked her to come again because she is a lovely girl and I am able to have some great conversations with her.


Speculated to be an American idiom, this one asks to come again in the sense of requesting to repeat something.

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