meet halfway


meet halfway


  • to reach a compromise
  • each person gives a little bit so that they can come to a decision
  • meeting in the middle of two locations

Example Sentences

  1. I don’t enjoy camping and my husband hates the cold. So, we had to meet halfway and go to the beach for the weekend.
  2. I understand that you do not agree with the policies of the new CEO. I will meet you halfway if you just promise to give it a chance.
  3. We could not afford to pay $200 for the television and the man wouldn’t take $100. So, I offered to meet him halfway and pay $150.
  4. My friend and I live 50 km apart. We both travel 25km and meet halfway for dinner.


There is no clear origin for the phrase. It is easy to conclude that it stems from the physical act of two people meeting in the middle. If you both have far to travel it makes sense to meet in the middle. Thus, both have travelled a distance but neither had to travel the entire distance. It makes people feel like they are not being taken advantage of. People are more willing to compromise if they feel like the other person also has to give in a little bit.

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