a bit too much


a bit too much,
also, a bit much


  • behave in an unfair manner.
  • behave in an unreasonable manner.
  • be in a situation that is beyond what you can deal with.
  • something excessive or annoying.

Example Sentences

  1. I need the money, but working 10 hours daily in the kitchen is a bit too much.
  2. He was fired for being a bit too much at the office party.
  3. I know Jason did you wrong, but don’t you think throwing him out is a bit too much?
  4. You criticize her a bit too much. Instead of making her better, she will lose her confidence.
  5. They advised their son against marrying her, as they thought she was a bit much.
  6. They are still kids. That advice is a bit too much for their minds to comprehend.
  7. He is an intelligent kid, but don’t you think expecting him to score everything is a bit too much?
  8. Learning ten chapters a day is a bit too much, so we asked for some time to rest.


The idiom is the extended version of the phrase “a bit much.” It refers to something or a situation that is more than expected. The literary origin is unknown, but the term is believed to have been uncommon before the 18th century.

See also: a bit much

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