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a bit much

Meaning: to be excessive

Example: The concept and story was a bit much for me to understand everything clearly. That is why I did not invest with this company. Read more ➺

a bit too much

Meaning: behave in an unfair manner.

Example: I need the money, but working 10 hours daily in the kitchen is a bit too much. Read more ➺

cross the line

Meaning: behave in a way that is not acceptable

Example: This newspaper has crossed the line. This article is so offensive to so many people. Read more ➺

line in the sand

Meaning: a boundary beyond which one cannot proceed without consequences

Example: His resolve to either get a paid internship or drop out of school was his line in the sand. Read more ➺

draw the line

Meaning: to define a limit in anything

Example: It all depends on your concept of fiction and where you draw the line between fact and fiction. Read more ➺