a bit much


a bit much,
also, a bit too much


  • to be excessive
  • to be unreasonable
  • if one says something is a bit much, that person thinks that it is not fair or that it is more than one can deal with

Example Sentences

  1. The concept and story was a bit much for me to understand everything clearly. That is why I did not invest with this company.
  2. When writing an article make sure that the language you use is not a bit much for your audience.
  3. She is a bit much for the family, isn’t she? How will they adjust with such a narcissistic person?
  4. He criticizes her food a bit much. He may as well cook for himself from tomorrow.
  5. Her understanding of the situation was a bit much which made her to take hasty decisions.
  6. Her emphasis on integrity on the job is a bit much to digest. It somehow feels like it is coming from a guilty conscious.
  7. She know perfectly well how to be a bit much for her parents. She has years of practice and lots of patience to carry things through.
  8. I believe it’s a bit much to expect a speed bowler to bowl more than 30 overs in one day, in the cricket sport.


The phrase is a shortened version of “a bit too much,” which signifies the overreaching state of the situation. The literary origin is not known, but the phrase is speculated to have been around since the 1800s. It means literally what it says.

See also: a bit too much

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