Idioms beginning with P

pull yourself together
pull yourself together Meaning: to calm down and behave normally after an upsetting event to compose yourself after being angry or upset to regain self control to maintain ... Read on
pull a rabbit out of the hat
pull a rabbit out of the hat Meaning: do something unexpected or surprising do something unorthodox but very effective to solve a problem surprise others by suddenly doing ... Read on
part brass rags
part brass rags Meaning: quarrel and break off friendship with someone to part with a friend by breaking friendship Example: Both of them parted off rags with each ... Read on
picture is worth a thousand words
picture is worth a thousand words also, picture paints a thousand words Meaning: a picture conveys information more effectively than words a picture can tell a story just as well as ... Read on
pull the wool over eyes
pull the wool over eyes Meaning: to deceive someone to hoodwink someone prevent someone from discovering something by deceiving them deceive someone into thinking well of them Example: ... Read on
penny for your thoughts
penny for your thoughts Meaning: used for ​wanting to ​know what another ​person is ​thinking, usually because they have not spoken for a some time a way of asking what someone ... Read on
play by ear
play by ear Meaning: learn music by ear to play by remembering the tune, without printed music to play a musical instrument by remembering the tune and not ... Read on
play it by ear
play it by ear Meaning: improvise act without preparation to let things go as they may determined on the circumstances according to the demand of the situation Examples: ... Read on
play duck and drakes
play duck and drakes Meaning: – to carelessly misuse one’s wealth – to behave recklessly – use selfishly to suit oneself – waste duck and drakes is also ... Read on
put damper on
put a damper on Meaning to discourage someone from doing something that they want to to show the negative side of something which will lead to the plan ... Read on

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Idiom of the Day

frighten or scare to death
frighten or scare to death Meaning: make somebody feel very frightened. Example: A shadow appeared in the doorway and scared me to death.


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