Idioms beginning with N

not the sharpest tool in the shed
not the sharpest tool in the shed Meaning someone who is not very clever, according to others not very intelligent a bit slow slightly (or a lot) behind ... Read on
no news is good news
no news is good news Meaning to assume that since there is no news, it will not be bad news to not know the outcome of something and ... Read on
never look a gift horse in the mouth
never look a gift horse in the mouth also, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth Meaning it is an advice to be grateful for gifts do ... Read on
no man is an island
no man is an island Meaning to require help from other every now and then because of one’s limitations to not be able to live independent of others ... Read on
none of your lip
none of your lip Meaning | Definition to ask someone to stop speaking to say shut and follow my directions shut your mouth just shut up Example Sentences ... Read on
no room to swing a cat
no room to swing a cat also not enough room to swing a cat Meaning a very small place a confined place a crowded or cramped space not much space ... Read on
no dice
no dice Meaning not agree for something refusal to do something refuse to accept a proposition not possible Example Sentences The children asked whether they could all go ... Read on
New York minute
New York minute Meaning in a very short amount of time very quickly, in an instant a minute that seems to pass very quickly Example Sentences I’ll get ... Read on
nest egg
nest egg Meaning an amount of money that has been saved, especially for future use savings for the future money saved and set aside for later use an ... Read on
no love lost
no love lost also little love lost, no / little love lost between Meaning there is a mutual dislike between two people there is no feeling of respect or affection ... Read on

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ignorance is bliss
ignorance is bliss Meaning to not get affected by something that is not known to miss facts about issues because of not knowing about something to not care ... Read on


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