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no room to swing a cat
no room to swing a cat also not enough room to swing a cat Meaning a very small place a confined place a crowded or cramped space not much space ... Read on
no dice
no dice Meaning not agree for something refusal to do something refuse to accept a proposition not possible Example Sentences The children asked whether they could all go ... Read on
New York minute
New York minute Meaning in a very short amount of time very quickly, in an instant a minute that seems to pass very quickly Example Sentences I’ll get ... Read on
nest egg
nest egg Meaning an amount of money that has been saved, especially for future use savings for the future money saved and set aside for later use an ... Read on
no love lost
no love lost also little love lost, no / little love lost between Meaning there is a mutual dislike between two people there is no feeling of respect or affection ... Read on
night owl
night owl Meaning Someone who is vigilant late at night. In the current usage, night own refers to someone who works at night. Example Sentences In order to ... Read on
not hurt a fly or flea
not hurt a fly also not hurt a flea Meaning To not be able to cause harm to anyone, including even a tiny and insignificant insect. This phrase refers ... Read on
name is mud
name is mud Meaning It means that the person is extremely unpopular. It is a trigger for saying that someone has done a deed which has made him ... Read on
not playing with a full deck
not playing with a full deck Meaning: not mentally sound stupid, dimwitted crazy or mentally deranged not very intelligent or bright mentally deficient Example: With the number of ... Read on
never in wildest dreams
never in wildest dreams Meaning: – something that has happened was so strange that one never thought it would happen Examples: 1. Never in my wildest dreams did ... Read on

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kick the bucket
kick the bucket Meaning: to die Example: Have you heard? The old man down the street has kicked the bucket. All the fish in my aquarium kicked the ... Read on


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