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never look a gift horse in the mouth

Meaning: it is an advice to be grateful for gifts

Example: My sister got furious when I tried to see how valuable the diamond on the ring she gifted me was and told me to never look a gift horse in the mouth Read on

none of your lip

none of your lip Meaning | Definition to ask someone to stop speaking to say shut and follow my directions shut your mouth just shut up Example Sentences … Read on

no room to swing a cat

Meaning: a very small place

Example: How do you expect all four of us to stay in that room? There's no room to swing a cat in there. Read on

no dice

Meaning: not agree for something

Example: The children asked whether they could all go out for a camping trip, but no dice, their parents refused. Read on

New York minute

Meaning: in a very short amount of time

Example: I'll get that job done in a New York minute if you give it to me. Read on

nest egg

Meaning: an amount of money that has been saved, especially for future use

Example: The stock market has given me good returns and helped me build a nest egg for my retirement. Read on

no love lost

Meaning: there is a mutual dislike between two people

Example: Bob and Jill cannot get along together. There is no love lost between them. Read on

night owl

Meaning: Someone who is vigilant late at night.

Example: In order to earn their bread so many people now have to turn into night owls. The customer service industry thrives on 24*7 availability of people. Read on

not hurt a fly or flea

Meaning: To not be able to cause harm to anyone, including even a tiny and insignificant insect.

Example: He is such an innocent little child, he could not hurt a fly. Read on

name is mud

Meaning: It means that the person is extremely unpopular.

Example: If you keep hanging out with the local goons then soon your name will be mud too. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

loose cannon

Meaning: somebody whose activities are uncommon and out of control

Example: He was a loose cannon and could not be risked in front of the press. Read on


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