zenith of career or life

zenith of career or life


  • the highest pinnacle of a person’s career or life
  • the apex of a person’s career or life

Example Sentences

  1. The birth of his daughter was the zenith of his life.
  2. Winning the tender for the reconstruction of Taj Mahal was the zenith of her career.
  3. The opportunity to sing in the New York Philharmonics was the zenith of his musical career.
  4. Before I retired I had reached the zenith of my career.
  5. Massa can look back on that season as the year that he reached the zenith of his career.
  6. In February when Cruz resoundingly won the Iowa elections, largely through months of cultivating grass-roots support in the state making it the zenith of his career.
  7. The video for the best song, “Cream,” was the zenith  32-year-old Prince’s career.


The origin of this word is from the imprecise  scrutiny of the Arabic expression سمت الرأس (samt ar-ra’s),which translates to “direction of the head” or “path above the head” during the 14th century by medieval Spanish clerk. It was reduced to ‘samt’ (“direction”) and miswritten as ‘senit’/’cenit’, as the “m” was misread as an “ni”. The word Zenith was first used as ‘cenith’ in the 17th century by the old french.

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