pedal to the metal


pedal to the metal


  • do something at full speed
  • push something forward as fast and as hard as possible
  • put in maximum effort to do something
  • make something go forward as fast as you can

Example Sentences

  1. I need to submit this assignment in two days’ time. I have to put pedal to the metal else I will miss the deadline.
  2. We are running behind schedule. Unless we put pedal to the metal we won’t be able to submit the proposal on time.
  3. Let’s put pedal to the metal and finish this job fast, then we can plan for our next step.
  4. You are running late. You are going to miss the plane unless you put pedal to the metal.
  5. We hardly have time left for the event. We have to put pedal to the metal and make sure all the arrangements are in place.
  6. When he realized that he would not be able to finish the work in time if he continued at the same pace, he put pedal to the metal and completed it a day early.


The phrase originated during the 1950s when the floorboards of cars were made of metal. Drivers, especially racers, would press the accelerator all the way down to touch the floorboards to make the cars go as fast as possible.

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