walking on air

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walking on air
also, floating on air

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to be very happy (elated)
  • to feel awfully excited or pleased
  • to be in a state of intense happiness
  • in seventh heaven
  • to be on cloud nine
  • so pleased as to be amazed/confused
  • in a pleasant state
  • contentedly drunk

Example Sentences

  1. I have been walking on air since I found out that I have been awarded a scholarship to study music.
  2. She has been walking on air since getting engaged last week.
  3. I am so happy in my new job that I feel like I am walking on air.
  4. I heard that you are going to Italy on holiday next month. You must be walking on air.
  5. She was feeling like walking on air after hearing the news of her passing the exams.
  6. Jane is floating on air after her painting won first place last week in the annual “Work of Art Challenge.”


Like many other idioms, there are a few different theories of where they originated from. This is a relatively new phrase and has only been used since the late 1800s. The idea that someone is so happy that they feel like they are floating is believed to have led to the saying.

It is also said that it is meant to be the polar opposite of being depressed. When someone is depressed they often compare it to feeling “down.” If you are not down you are up.

Some sources believe that it might be related to the word elated. This is a synonym for happy. It comes from the Latin word that means “to be lifted up or carried away.”

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