Air Idioms

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fly in the air

Meaning: to be elated, extremely happy, or in high spirits.

Example: After winning the lottery, she felt like she was flying in the air. Read more ➺

vanish into thin air

Meaning: to disappear suddenly and completely, without leaving a trace.

Example: The magician's assistant seemed to vanish into thin air, leaving the audience in awe. Read more ➺

hot air

Meaning: empty, exaggerated talk or writing.

Example: Please do not pay any attention to Howard because he's full of hot air. Read more ➺

beat the air

Meaning: fighting without any purpose.

Example: You are just beating the air if you want to turn him into a good boy. Read more ➺

in the air

Meaning: something like a mood that everybody can feel

Example: You could feel the tension in the air as everyone waited to hear the announcement. Read more ➺

walking on air

Meaning: to be very happy (elated)

Example: I have been walking on air since I found out that I have been awarded a scholarship to study music. Read more ➺

castles in the air

Meaning: thinking of some impossible task

Example: She keeps talking about her big-time ambitions, but it's all castles in the air. Read more ➺

give airs

Meaning: to be pretentious/showy

Example: Susan is a very smart girl but the fact that she gives herself airs about her job makes me like her a little less. Read more ➺

up in the air

Meaning: unresolved, undecided

Example: The future of the project is up in the air as the management has failed to finalize the budget. Read more ➺

clear the air

Meaning: get rid of all doubts and negative feelings

Example: They had a huge misunderstanding, but decided to clear the air by sitting together and discussing things frankly. Read more ➺