on a tear


on a tear

Meaning | Synonyms

  • very active or suddenly active
  • rise quickly
  • a sudden burst of energy
  • drinking (alcohol) heavily
  • a winning streak

Example Sentences

  1. Peter called to say he was getting an earlier train so, I been on a tear to get to the station in time.
  2. The price of gold has been on a tear recently.
  3. ‘Why is John drinking so much?’ ‘He had some bad news earlier and he’s been on a tear since then.’
  4. My mother in law called to say she’s coming to stay for the weekend and I’m on a tear to get the house clean for her arrival.
  5. The week before the wedding started on a tear for Pet. It took him until Friday to sober up.
  6. The Chicago Bulls have been on a tear this season.


This idiom is used in the United States and is informal.

The pronunciation of tear rhymes with hair (not near). This idiom can be used in many situations. It can refer to a burst or sudden rise to stock prices, for sports results, a sudden burst of activity (for these situations it seems to have positive connotations) and for heavy alcohol consumption.

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On a tear idiom examples:

  • Since I heard my sister’s engagement, I have been on a tear.
  • My neighbor has been on a tear since her son’s death. He is drinking so
  • Good’s prices are on a tear recently as an of the COVID19.

‒ kitchifati April 22, 2020

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