mind your own beeswax

mind your own beeswax

Meaning | Synonyms

  • do not interfere into someone else's matter
  • an informal phrase used for keeping people away from your affairs
  • to rudely ask others to stay out of our personal matters
  • asking to respect the privacy of others
  • mind your own business

Example Sentences

  1. I am not asking for your opinion, mind your own beeswax.
  2. You better keep your comments to yourself and mind your own beeswax.
  3. I really wish he would mind his own beeswax and stop asking about my salary.
  4. I would like you to mind your own beeswax because; I am tired of your suggestions.
  5. Don't poke your nose into my matters, that doesn't concern you, mind your own beeswax


This came from 18th century, the time when a disease called smallpox was widespread. There were many people who died due to this deadly disease and the people who survived were left with scars and holes on their faces and body. At that time females used beeswax to fill these holes and hide their scars. Due to the warm weather, this beeswax used to melt, so ladies were not supposed to discuss it with others that the scars are being exposed due to the melting beeswax. If some women got too close, she would say "stop looking at me" and mind your own beeswax.

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