waiting time

waiting time


  • a period of time from when action is requested to when it happens
  • the amount of time elapsed from when an order is placed until it is processed or despatched
  • the time interval from when a medical expert decides more treatment is necessary to the date when said procedure takes place
  • time spent in limbo until something happens or someone arrives

Example Sentences

  1. The waiting time for non-urgent surgery seems to be on the increase over the last five years.
  2. The waiting time for getting the next flight ranges from anywhere between four to eight hours.
  3. The detectives on the case were getting frustrated at the waiting time for the forensic results they needed.
  4. The waiting time in the doctor’s surgery grew longer as the day went on.
  5. My mother has about nine months waiting time for her knee replacement.
  6. One good thing about living in a city is that there isn’t much waiting time for the buses and underground trains.
  7. The difference between a barber and a hairdresser must surely be the waiting time. Shelley had to wait three weeks for her appointment at ‘Alessandro,’ but her husband just walked into the barber’s and was done in twenty minutes.


The phrase is generally being used in its literal sense for ages – not an idiom. Therefore, there is no fun fact or history behind the origin of the phrase. Also, we have added and explained this phrase only at the request of our curious users.


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