look forward
look forward to Meaning to eagerly await something to be excited about something that is going to happen the term can also be used in its literal form ... Read on
in the nick of time
in the nick of time Meaning almost too late at the last possible second at a pivotal or important moment Example Sentences He arrived at the wedding in ... Read on
hang on
hang on Meaning hold on or hold tightly to wait for a little time or to keep a hold of to hold on to someone or something tightly ... Read on
a watched pot never boils
a watched pot never boils Meaning if you wait for something to happen it takes longer time slows down when one is waiting for something to get done ... Read on
hold your horses
hold your horses Meaning to wait to be patient to hold on used for telling someone who is getting ahead of themselves to stop and consider their action ... Read on
hang in there
hang in there Meaning | Synonyms wait, be patient till things work out don't give up be persistent in face of difficulties keep trying Example Sentences Our company ... Read on
cool heels
cool heels Meaning to wait or take rest it has also been extensively used for those who are awaiting some sort of chastisement to be detained or obliged ... Read on

Idiom of the Day

wrap in cotton wool
wrap in cotton wool Meaning: protect somebody too much without allowing them to be independent enough. Example: The mother wrapped the child up in cotton wool as if ... Read on


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