twist of fate


twist of fate


  • to experience a change in circumstances
  • a fateful happening
  • an unexpected change in situations
  • an unlucky turn of proceedings

Example Sentences

  • The movie had a strange twist of fate and the protagonist was suddenly leading the army from being a mere foot soldier. I did not understand much of the plot, honestly.
  • I have seen a twist of fate so bizarre that it left a lot of questions unanswered for me.
  • The politician must have had a twist of fate to have won the election otherwise his election campaign was a total mess.
  • Until last year, he had a dozen people to repay and look at the twist of fate now that he is starting work on his own factor.
  • People who believe in hard work seldom also believe in a twist of fate.
  • It is true, what you need is a twist of fate to be able to be able to clear this exam. Did you not study at all?


The phrase is speculated to have come from medieval England when the church was in power and people had a strong belief in God and faith in the virtue of destiny. A change in the circumstances of a person would directly be given credit as a twist in fate rather than apportioning anything to hard work or perseverance of the person himself.

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