lost in thought

lost in thought

Meaning | Definition

  • thinking about of something
  • concentrating on something in thoughts
  • to not be paying attention to the current issues
  • to be mentally absent from a particular situation

Example Sentences

  • The waiter was so lost in thought that he did not see us coming in or occupying the table at all.
  • I have been lost in thought ever since I finished that book. It has inspired me very much.
  • You cannot be lost in thought when you are at work. Please gain a better perspective.
  • She seems to be lost in thought at all times.
  • I was lost in thought and did not hear you speak. Would you repeat what you said?
  • Can someone be so lost in thought that they do not see the things that are right in front of their nose?
  • I have always noticed that painters and artists are lost in thought most of the time.
  • The lawyer was lost in thought but when he came around he had a solution to the problem.
  • During written exam, I always see a patch when I am lost in thought and end up sprinting to complete the paper.


The phrase comes from the fact that many a times people look as though they are so busy with a though that they are not concentrating on a particular subject. The way they look at that time is described as being 'lost in thought'.


  • day dreaming

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