black and blue


black and blue

Meaning | Definition

  • hurt, either bodily, emotionally or psychologically
  • the colour that comes about on the skin because of broken capillaries when a person has been beaten or suffers an injury
  • change in skin by bruising

 Example Sentences

  1. The man beat his own mother black and blue! How could someone do such a horrible act? The mother is still praying for the best for him though.
  2. After reading the book of Lord Buddha’s life story Steve felt black and blue throughout his soul.
  3. I have been beaten black and blue by the Boxing team players and still love the game.
  4. As kids we used to beat each other up black and blue.
  5. Kim is feeling black and blue after the divorce.
  6. He was beaten up black and blue but still does not understand how bad this company can become for him.
  7. He fell from his bike yesterday and looks all black and blue
  8. The only time I was black and blue was after my accident last year.
  9. The dog had been beaten black and blue by his owners and then left on the streets to die.
  10. Often elder lies in this family are beaten black and blue to drive them out. This is the third such case that I have heard of.


This is an example of a phrase that originates from the literal colours that one notices after sustaining an injury. It is mostly referred to for a beating rather than an accident but nevertheless refers to the colour of the skin changing because of an injury.

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