in the meantime

in the meantime

Meaning | Definition

  • simultaneously
  • as something else happens or takes place
  • at ‘that’ time when something else is happening
  • to do something while waiting for something expected to happen

Example Sentences

  1. The party prepared to move to another location in the meantime
  2. In the meantime you should try to get things ready for school tomorrow as I finish making dinner for everybody.
  3. I was preparing for my mother funeral in the meantime.
  4. The world was watching a cricket match in the meantime when I was writing my exams! How I wish these exams were postponed!
  5. Can you do me a favour in the meantime? Please get the cake in place before your father comes home.
  6. I am going to go to the market in the meantime.
  7. In the meantime, the trading on the stocks continued as if nothing had happened at all.
  8. The electricity at home will be restored soon. In the meantime we are trying to use solar electricity to charge our cell phones.
  9. My class teacher has been using her home as a study in the meantime as the school is building a library.


The phrase has been in existence since the early 1400’s although a literary source could not be accurately confirmed.

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