the best of both worlds

the best of both worlds
also, the best of all possible worlds

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a win-win situation
  • a situation in which one can get the advantages of two different or contrasting things at the same time
  • a situation where one can enjoy the benefit of two different opportunities
  • the best features of two different things
  • to enjoy somethings that are opposite in nature by concealing involvement in one or both
  • to be a part of things that are very different to each other through their inherent nature

Example Sentences

  1. “If you decide to live here you get the greenery of the countryside and the amenities of urban life. Its the best of both worlds, really.”
  2. “You can get this item for cheap, but you’ll have to compromise on quality. You cannot have the best of both worlds.”
  3. My cousin is a research fellow at the university, so gets the freedom of a student and the privileges of a professor. He has the best of both worlds.
  4. Working from home is a huge plus; you have the luxury of staying at home and you get the benefits of having a job. Its the best of both worlds.
  5. He wanted to become an entrepreneur but could not leave the comforts of his job. He wanted the best of both worlds.
  6.  I got a deal that let me stay in five star luxury at two star prices; it was the best of all possible worlds.
  7. The guy had the best of both worlds until his wife found out about how he was cheating on her.
  8. I have never had the best of all possible worlds since my mom and dad separated.
  9. She likes to have the best of all possible worlds whether it is to go for parties or have a religious ceremony conducted in her home.
  10. Whether on vacation or at home, my dad always had the best of all possible worlds.
  11. I am so jealous that she gets the best of all possible worlds. She keeps eating and never gets fat!


Although, the exact origin of the expression is unclear, but it has religious undertones which refers to two worlds, that is life and after life. These are contrasting ideas and to have the best in both worlds meant that the person in question is truly successful. The biblical reference provides a man who does good deeds for others while alive gets to enjoy the fruits in heaven, thus getting the best of both worlds.

This phrase became popular in the mid and late 1900s.


  • the best of all possible worlds

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AuthorAmit Gangwar writes on 20th October 2018

Any other example of idioms ”the best of both word”

AuthorHi writes on 21st August 2018

Good sentences! Pls make more for other idioms! 😊

AuthorBhumi writes on 1st July 2018

Can you make sentences of world in verb?

AuthorKenny writes on 18th June 2018

What kind of images would you draw?

AuthorNaman Saini writes on 25th May 2018

Can you explain the meaning of this idiom and make a sentence for this idiom?

AuthorOk writes on 15th May 2018

These sentence are so well, good job!

AuthorKashish writes on 29th March 2018

Great it helps in understanding and these sentences are so well made that these do not need any picture.

AuthorKelsie writes on 22nd March 2018

I am not seeing any pictures on this for the idiom.

AuthorHarshda writes on 27th November 2017

All the best of both worlds were on our side.

AuthorAnshu Soni writes on 11th November 2017

Can you make sentences with this idioms..?

AuthorChaitrali writes on 29th October 2017

Good job

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