there’s no place like home


there’s no place like home


  • to have an affinity for one’s home over every other place
  • to say that the home is the best place
  • to say that one’s home is beyond compare

Example Sentences

  1. The troops finally retreated and the men get to go home to their families now. There is no place like home.
  2. I always tell my children that for me, there is no place like home.
  3. After a tiring day at work it is a relief for me to go back to my wife and kids. There is just no other place like home.
  4. I always come back to my parents’ place when I need some rest, love and care. They being around is home for me and there’s no place like home.
  5. My little sister is coming home after 12 years and has been saying that there is no place like home all through her trip back.
  6. I adopted a child to be able to give a home to her. There is no place like home after all and everyone should be able to feel that.


The phrase is believed to have been originated from before the 14th century when the institution of family started taking precedence over other factors. Society, environment and family life all came into being and also the realization that the person is truly at ease when at home.


  • home is the edge of the world

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The phrase there’s no place like home appears in Anna Karenina.

‒ Anonymous September 24, 2019

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