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bag and baggage

Meaning: (with) all one's belongings.

Example: She moved to a new city, leaving all her "bag and baggage" behind her. Read more ➺

my way or the highway

Meaning: to order someone to do something in a specific way without providing an alternative.

Example: In my house, it is my way or the highway. He was told by his father after coming back home drunk. Read more ➺

hit the road

Meaning: depart

Example: We'd better pack the car and hit the road before it gets dark. Read more ➺

set off

Meaning: to start a journey

Example: We would like to set off for Paris by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Read more ➺

drop by

Meaning: an informal visit

Example: I hope to finish the dress before Saturday. If you want to see what it looks like you should drop by over the weekend. Read more ➺

come over

Meaning: to go to someone else's house

Example: June and her sister will come over for lunch on Sunday, we are having chicken pie. Read more ➺

from pillar to post

Meaning: to move from one place to another with no purpose and direction

Example: Failing to get a satisfactory answer from her doctor, Mary went from pillar to post searching for a cure for her illness. Read more ➺

a trip to the sun

Meaning: something which is very unlikely

Example: My dream has always been to settle in Australia. But I know it's like a trip to the sun. I just have to make peace with this place. Read more ➺

there’s no place like home

Meaning: to have an affinity for one's home over every other place

Example: The troops finally retreated and the men get to go home to their families now. There is no place like home. Read more ➺

when in Rome, do as the Romans

Meaning: to copy popular culture in order to blend in

Example: My mother always told us that when in Rome, do as the Romans. That is how today we are able to get along with any kind of people. Read more ➺