from pillar to post


from pillar to post


  • to move from one place to another with no purpose and direction
  • moving around aimlessly often due to disappointments, rejections or failure

Example Sentences

  1. Failing to get a satisfactory answer from her doctor, Mary went from pillar to post searching for a cure for her illness.
  2. It is never advisable to run from pillar to post when looking for a good investment idea.
  3. John is known for running from pillar to post any time he finds himself in an unpleasant situation.
  4. People who run from pillar to post are the most impatient of people.
  5. In as much as several alternatives have failed, I still would not advice running from pillar to post on this matter.


This phrase is actually really old and goes back to the middle ages. Originally, it was “From Post to Pillar” but in recent times, it has been referred to as “From Pillar to Post”. In the Middle Ages, when a person is being punished, the person is first tied to a post and whipped and then moved to the pillory where they are showcased to the crowd for their amusement. Hence the original phrase “From Post to Pillar”.

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