so and so


so and so


  • Used in the place of someone’s name, indicating that the person is of little importance
  • Used in place of a person or thing when you are speaking generally
  • It can also be used as euphemism to describe an unpleasant person
  • Can be used in place of a swear word

Example Sentences

  1. I love how June is always telling us how she met so-and-so on her travels. Everyone knows that she is making it up.
  2. Book club is mostly used for gossiping. Peter bought a new car, so-and-so had surgery on her face.
  3. First my fridge packed up and then the so-and-so on my car breaks. It has really been a horrible week.
  4. You are welcome to bring so-and-so to our party on Friday night. We don’t bother remembering their names anymore.
  5. My ex-husband was a real so-and-so. I am glad that he is no longer part of my life.
  6. My new boss is a real so-and-so. He is rude to everyone.
  7. We really don’t like her. She is a mean little so-and-so.


The first recorded use of it was 1590 – 1600. It stems from the old English word so, meaning “in this way or to that extent.”

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