as long as


as long as

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to put condition of time on an action
  • provided that
  • usually used to denote that the person in authority has conditions to be met

 Example Sentences

  1. The car will keep running as long as you take good care of it.
  2. I will be staying at her apartment as long as she takes to come back.
  3. As long as I know where to go I will manage to find the directions.
  4. The food will be delivered to your doorstep for as long as you want it.
  5. My mother has been going to this particular doctor as long as I remember.
  6. His wife will be keeping the child as long as she can. But if her life is in danger then they may consider an abortion.
  7. As long as her kids come back in time she does not question where they are going.
  8. I am fine accompanying to the hospital as long as you promise to get a thorough check up done there.
  9. I will like him as long as he keeps you happy.
  10. As long as he promises to be careful while driving, he can drive my new Honda car.


The phrase has been in used since the 1800’s and is popular with British as well as American English.

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I can’t trust you as long as you would be lieing.

‒ Anonymous February 23, 2021

I won’t let you go as long as you promise me to come to the party tonight!

‒ Akash December 12, 2020

I won’t go from here as long as you promise me that you will never say lie to anyone.

‒ Sherya October 4, 2020

I will keep exercising as long as I don’t make good physique.

‒ Shashikant Tiwari September 14, 2020

Who you are, where are you from I don’t care as long as you love me.

‒ Kiran Khan January 7, 2020

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