shifting sands

shifting sands


  • Refers to something that is constantly changing, often making a person feel uncertain
  • something that is very unpredictable
  • changes that happen with time

Example Sentences

  1. My husband has had trouble maintaining a job in the shifting sands of the economy.
  2. Our friends have been a real rock in the shifting sands of our lives the last few years.
  3. It is difficult to keep up with the shifting sands of technology. As soon as I understand one concept another is introduced.
  4. The shifting sands of war have taken their toll on many countries. It is impossible for their economy to recover until there is some stability.


Sand is a very fine substance that is made up of small particles of rock. It does not hold its shape and shifts very easily. It is usually found near water such as rivers. The river easily moves the sand as it flows over it. It is not a stable surface to build on.

The phrase can also be likened to the sand running through an hour glass. As the time goes by, more sand runs through the hour glass. This indicates that everything changes with time.

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