way forward


way forward

Meaning | Synonyms

  • the only way to succeed
  • something that would be a positive influence on your life
  • an action plan that is devised to lead to a successful outcome

Example Sentences

  1. I believe that digital learning is the way forward.
  2. This new computer program is the way forward if we want to save our company.
  3. An exercise plan would be the best way forward for our family if we want to lose weight.
  4. I truly believe that a new job is the way forward for me.
  5. My boss has called a meeting so that we can decide what the best way forward would be.


The origin is the phrase is not known. However, the word “forward” dates back to the Old English word forewearde meaning towards the future. Even though the word forward has many different meanings, depending on the context, this is the one most closely related to the idiom.

In this case, the “way” indicates a path that needs to be taken. The path can be both physical or in this case, metaphorical. It indicates that this is the best path towards the future.

The phrase is often used in conjunction with the adverb “best” suggesting that there are other ways, but the one mentioned would be preferable.

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At this illustration of this phrase it’s necessary to say something about the “looking forward” too.

‒ Dharmadasa Perera June 29, 2022

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