seventh heaven


seventh heaven

Meaning | Synonyms

  • being glad
  • to be happy about something
  • in state of extreme happiness
  • attaining a state of endless bliss
  • eternal joyousness
  • amused to a large extent

Example Sentences

  1. Nicole Kidman was in seventh heaven when she received the award for the best actress.
  2. I have been in seventh heaven since Harry entered my life.
  3. A full day in a resort with all three meals is just seventh heaven.
  4. Sara and Sam have been in seventh heaven since they got married.
  5. I was in my seventh heaven when I received my promotion letter.
  6. Granny was in 7th heaven to see their grandchildren after a long time.
  7. I still remember the time when the rival team was in seventh heaven on seeing our team losing the game.


The phrase “seventh heaven” is used to describe intense happiness of someone. Seventh heaven is known as the highest levels of heaven in the religion of Islam and Judaism.

According to Islam and Judaism, seventh heaven is the place where God resides, as per the beliefs of these religions God’s Throne is at the seventh heaven and it is the highest of all the things.

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