rain or shine


rain or shine


  • Doing something regularly regardless of the circumstances.
  • Something will happen even if it rains.
  • No matter what happens or what what it takes.
  • To be sure of something.
  • Whether it’s sunshine or rain, whatever the weather.

Example Sentences

  1. My brother is an early riser, but he runs at sunrise, come rain or shine.
  2. David is a dependable driver; he always comes through on any delivery request, come rain or shine.
  3. I feel exhausted after work, but come rain or shine, I must take a cold shower before supper to relieve myself.
  4. Most fans support the team after its last six winning matches, and they will be there rain or shine in its next fixtures.
  5. It was a great pleasure to meet her governor. The governor promised that, come rain or shine, he would clear all her fee areas.
  6. Just a quick reminder. When is your graduation? Oh yeah! I just remembered it’s next month. Rain or shine, I’ll be there!


The earliest printed record of the idiom dates back to 1699 by John Goad in his work, Astro-meteorologica, or Aphorisms And Large Significant Discourses on the Natures and Influences of Celestial Bodies:

“In the meanwhile [sp] we are told our Aspect brings a Settlement as to what happens, Rain, Or Shine, for many days; but they leave the poor Disciple to determine the number himself.”

People started using the phrase to express the certainty that activity will happen regardless of the weather, circumstance, condition, or situation.

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